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I have over 45 years of experience with coaxial systems and grounding. My last 20 years were with Solar Turbines Inc., a division of Caterpillar Corporation as the SME in grounding and coaxial media systems.

Solar Turbines Inc. is the worlds largest manufacturer of Industrial Gas Turbines in the 2000 to 25,000 HP range. This includes Pipelinde distribution, Power Generation and Mechanical drives, some of which are Marine applications.

I wrote the Engineering Specifications for the Design Engineers and Customers that must be followed to insure a noise free environment for the Allen Bradley Control System that runs the turbine. I also responded to field Engineers where problems of noise were present. This was usually because the customer did not follow our advice.

I am now retired now but available on a limited basis for Consulting.

All Control Systems are subject to noise and must have independant grounding to insure isolation and noise elimination. I can advise how proper grounding and coaxial selection and handling will provide the right atmosphere for a smooth operation of any system.

In addition to my SME skills;

I am a Master Tool & Diemaker

Senior Manufacturing Engineer


Senior Buyer

President and owner of JORDE

I may be reached by finding me on Linked In and from there I have contact information. You may also see links on this website for email direct.



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