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Fish Chowder A La Viking

1. Make Fish Stock First - Cut off heads & tails. Place in pot with water about 1/2 full. Add some boullion (optional). Add Leek tops and ends, onion skins and ends. Boil about 30 minutes. Drain and retain fish meat from heads and tails to be added to the chowder when it is finished cooking. Meanwhile:

2. Chop Leeks - Halve lengthwise and slice diagonally.

3. Chop Carrrots - 10 Carrots.

4. Chop Onions - 2 Onions

5. Wash the Vegetables - Steam using some stock - add water if necessary.

6. Fish Chowder - Melt 1 1/2 lbs (6 sticks) butter. Turn off Flame. Add flour (about 6 cups) using whisk. Turn on flame. Add 1 gallon milk using whisk. Into this pour steamed leeks and fish stock. Add some fish boullion (optional) and old bay seasoning. Cook until done. Salt and pepper to taste. Add fsih meat from heads and tails. Squeeze 2 - 3 lemmons into chowder.

Ingredients: Serves approximately 28 people.

Fish The dinner is fish, the heads and tails come from the fish being used for dinner.

Carrots About 10 will do.

Leeks About 6 Leeks.

Lemons 2 - 3

Milk 1 Gallon

Flour 6 cups

Butter 1 1/2 lbs

Salt & Pepper

Old Bay Seasoning

Fish Boullion - Knorr or Haro Swiss. Use if you don’t have any other way to prepare the fish stock.


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