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Seine Shaker

DSL  Internal Modem for PC. I am asking $25.00 or best offer for all. I was too far away so I went to cable. I have 12 in line filters and some software. All software is available free on the internet. Pac Bell sells this card for $200.00.

McColloch 3216 16"Chainsaw

McColloch Weed Whacker

Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson autographed, framed photo.

Motorized Zoom/Macro Lens for video camera. 1:1.4/12.5-75. Made bu Fuji Photo Optial Company. Has an extra pigtail to allow you to interface it to your favorite project or video surveilance. It would be easy to mate this to a remote survelance adding zoom capability. This lens cost over $800 when purchased new, Never used, no reasonable offer refused.

Don Russ Baseball cards. "Exclusive Hobby Dealer Set" 1991 Season. Over 750 cards in original box, no reasonable offer refused.