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N9XT, I am a Life member of the ARRL, I have been licensed since 1977 and have worked 190 Countries (I just worked 3D2CY Conway Reef) 1st DX contact in 18 years. My other Passion is UHF and Control Systems.

The TH7DX antenna is up! Scroll down to see pictures.  See you on the airways!

Anyone with a Website, particularly if you have projects or DX Pedition photos that would like a link please contact me.

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 I took this picture from Mt Soledad in San Diego in November of 1971. The strike hit a sub station and blacked out an entire area of town.

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You need a level, elevated, surface to assemble this antenna. This is how I did mine.

I used a Carpenters bubble level with a riser block on each side to verify that all elements were in plane. (Level not shown)

I made this pulley to support the mid section while raising the assembly.

The top of the tower is fitted with this larger pulley.

You can see how this works. There is a double pulley (2 grooves side by side) on the roof.

The other end of the ropes is attached to the Blazer. The rope is a loop as you can see by the previous photo.

We used an extension ladder at the right height to support the tower and keep the antenna off the ground. The ladder is lashed to the tower and follows the tower as it is raised to this point.

Art, K6XT does all the finishing touches to the assembly, here he is RTVing the Balun to weather proof it.

We are read to raise the Tower assembly, we think!

The Assembly is about 45 degrees up at this point.

The Assembly is almost vertical now. Damon is getting ready to nest the tower into a roof eave bracket we made to hold it in place.

First contact 3D2CY Conway Reef!

Coming soon, an interactive calculator to determine the force required to upright your tower and antenna. I'm looking for assistance to do this.
This is intended as a guide only, The Web Master (N9XT) is not responsible for accidents that may occur through miscalculations, faulty gear or poor procedures.

This is it, The vintage is mid 70's Drake and Alpha. Some day we may upgrade to the state of the art stuff. But you know what, they answer every time I call so what's the point?   N9XT

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