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Build your own BBQ Island!

These Plans are never offered by me on EBay!!!
If you buy them on EBay do not expect support if you have questions.

What you get:

1. 9ea "B" size Autocad drawings
2. Over 200 color JPG pictures on CD Over 98 MBs.
3. Detailed Step by Step Manufacturing Plan
4. Bill of Material with all part numbers required and where to purchase them.
5. Hyperlinks to Hard to Find Items for your special needs
6. Granite and Concrete top details
7. Shared pictures from the Forum of every configuration imaginable NEW.
8. Gas pipe sizing
9. Online support, email.
10. The envy of your friends and neighbors.

Cantelever, Foot and Ventillation details recently added to make your project safer & easier.

* A CD is now available containing over 57 MB including TIF files of the plans, should you need to re-print them plus pictures of customers BBQ's in various stages of construction.

These plans can be modified to other configurations and equipment. Write or email me with any questions you may have but please read the FAQ found at first.

Send a check or money order in the amount of $27.95 payable to:

1873 Tecalote Dr.,
Fallbrook CA. 92028

"Your BBQ looks fantastic, you did a great job. From the photos, I would say your BBQ looks better than some professional ones I've seen". Les Burden Jr. former host of the "BBQZone" See

Your order will be processed within 24 hours. I will confirm your order by email if you include your address.

Please let me know how you found me!


The BBQ Zone is hosted by Les Burden Jr., an award winning barbecuer and leisure time devotee. For five years he was the producer and host of America's first broadcast barbecue show, "Celebrity Grill - The Civilized World's Only Outdoor Cooking Show". He has authored a weekly newspaper column, "Barbecuing with Les Burden", and taught grilling classes across America from Hawaii to Florida.
He also has produced and hosted over 50 half hour episodes of "Lights, Camera, Reaction" on Cable television, and for five years was the co-host of "Night Talk", a two hour long nightly radio talk show. During his seven years with Barbeques Galore he has made appearances on local and national television and written "The Bar-B-Guide to Great Grilling".

Japanese Bridge

Build your own in 2 days!

For more information go to

Get all 3 sets for the special price of $50.00. You get DrDaves BBQ Island, DrDaves Workshop and DrDaves Japanese Bridge for one low price.

Plans available now!

Workshop or Shed

Why pay up to $8,000.00 when you

can build it yourself for about $2,000.00

My plans are only $27.95

For more information go to

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