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The Jorde name evolved many times over centuries, here is some of my research into to both the Jorde and Braaten names of my parents. If you have anything to add or evidence that disputes anything on this page please contact me.

The communties of Nordre Land and Søndre Land (North and South Land) lie among the green slopes and valleys of central Norway about 100 miles north of Oslo. The more rugged northern portion is west of Lilehammer, the site of the 1994 Olympics. The southern part boasts the Randsfjorden, a scenic inland lake. Dokka and Hov are the delightful centers of the two respective kommuner.




Jensvaal (Jensval)




177 - 4



95 - 3





SLH is Sondre Land Hov

Hov - 1781 see photo >>>
Hov Church stands in the center of the village of Hov, the administrative center for Søndre Land. This church was built in 1781, an extensive restoration completed in 1981. Hov Church is built where it is because this was a place of worship for the pagan gods ("Hov" meaning God's house). The Christian church deliberately took over this place to show which religion had won. A church is mentioned at Hov in the 1300s.

*Portions of the above information was copied from the Landingslaget home page"

The first wave of migration from Norway to America began with the departure of 52 people on the sloop Restauration in 1825. By the mid 1800's, they were followed by thousands of other Norwegians who were seeking new opportunities, more space - especially the chance to own land. Although these emigrants settled in various parts of America and Canada, many, like my ancestors who came from Sør-Trøndelag, settled in the midwest states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, or North Dakota.

Researched and documeted by many, formated by Dave Jorde.

Any corrections (with supporting documents) will be gladly included!


My apologies for the missing information, I need to find  a better way to present it.

It is with deep regret that I report the passing of Donovan C. Jorde on June 14th 2007.
He is survived by his Brothers Wayne, David and Sister Karen. Don was 75 years old.

Don will always be my "Big Brother". His advice from my infancy till recently was always valued and I owe him deeply for both the life and career decisions I have made as a result of his advice.
I know God has special place for my big brother.
 David Jorde (Escondido, Ca.)

I will always remember my oldest brother with love and fond memories. We had great times with Don and Jan on vacations. I will miss him always. He was always joking around and so much fun to be with. Karen (Jorde) Oster (San Antonio, TX)



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